User guide

For work in the "Portal for projects and programs of Social Development Fund" (Web Portal)


To work in the Web portal, follow the link

In the login window that opens in the browser, enter your username and password and click on “Login”. If the user has not previously registered in the system, you need to click on the “Sign up” button.

Picture 1 (Registration in the portal)

Next, on the registration page, you need to select the type of applicant “Student of NU”, “Employee of NU”, “NIS Alumni”, “NU Alumni” fill in all the required fields marked with * and click on the “Confirm” button.

For the types of applicants “Student of NU”, “Employee of NU” and “NU Alumni” registration through domains is mandatory

Picture 2 (Registration in the portal)

After clicking the “Confirm” button, an email will be sent to the email address you indicated. To continue registration, follow the link provided in the letter.

After logging in to the portal, the Competitions page will be available to you:

On the portal there is an opportunity to change the language and go to the corporate website of the Fund by clicking on the “Return to the Fund website” button.

The “Competitions” page will display competitions with the status “Application collection” and “Completed”. For contests where the “Application collection” status is active, the “Submit” button is activated, clicking the button takes you to the application page for this contest.

After clicking the “Submit application” button, the inscription changes to “View application”.

The “Withdraw application” button also appears.

For contests with the status “Completed”, the “View results” button is available, by pressing the button you can view the results for the selected contest.

Picture 3 (Portal navigation)
Picture 4 (Portal navigation)
Picture 5 (Portal navigation)

To go to the personal account on the start page of the portal, in the upper right corner, you need to click on “Personal Account”. When clicked, the following tabs will be available:

Tab Personal data, in this tab it is possible to enter, view and change personal data. The data in the tab may differ depending on the type of applicant, if the user chooses the type “Student NU”, then the data will be displayed according to the screenshot below. To make or change the data, you need to fill in/edit the fields, attach a photo by clicking on the photo icon, then click the “Save” button. If the data is saved successfully, the system should display the message “Changes saved”.

Picture 6 (Personal account)

The tab Applications displays all applications submitted by users to the Fund’s contests. Here the user can track the statuses of their applications.

Picture 7 (Personal account)

To view detailed information on the application, click on the application in the list of applications, after which the form of the selected application will be displayed.

Picture 8 (Personal account)

The tab Change password the user has the option to change the password. To change the password, the user shall fill in the fields:

After filling in the fields, you need to click on the “Save” button to accept the password change in the system. Password requirements: minimum number of 8 characters, mandatory presence of Latin letters in upper and lower case, 1 digit and 1 special character (!”№;%:?*_+).

Picture 9 (Personal account)

The “Log out” button is used to log out of the system, when the button is pressed, it is necessary to confirm the logout using the “Yes” button. The “Log out” button is available in your personal account and when you click on the “Personal Account” button.

Picture 10 (Personal account)

Before applying for the contest, make sure that:

1) Your personal data on the portal is filled in completely;

2) You have a valid EDS for signing the application.

3) Discussed your application with the project team.

Remember that 1 person can only participate in 1 application.

The application for participation in the contest (Jas Social Impact) is submitted only by the Team Leader. The team leader shall be determined in advance. At the selected contest, you need to click the “Apply” button.

Picture 11 (Submission of applications)

We choose a financing program:

Picture 12 (Submission of applications)

After selecting the program, you must carefully fill out the entire form with data. All fields of the form are required to be filled in.

In the section “Who is part of your team?” you need to fill in the data of all team members except the leader (i.e. yourself, the applicant) and attach a CV.

Picture 13 (Submission of applications)

Note: to submit an application for participation in the Fund’s contest, the user shall necessarily fill in the information in the Personal Account in the “Personal Data” tab.

If the user has not completed the data entry for the application, but at the same time wants to save the application, it is necessary to click on the “Save as draft” button. After successfully saving the application, the system will display the message “Changes saved”.  

Remember: Saving the draft does not mean that you send the application for the Fund’s consideration.

You can find the saved application in your personal account in the “My Applications” tab by clicking on the application with the left mouse button and continue filling it out.

After filling in all the data and attaching the necessary documents, click on the “Sign” button. When you click on this button, a window will pop up to select the EDS key. To sign, you need to select an RSA key and enter the password for your key, see the figure below.

Picture 14 (Submission of applications)

Members of the project team will receive an e-mail notification about being added to the project team.

If the user wants to withdraw the application for some reason, this can be done by clicking on the “Withdraw application” button on the “Contests” page.