Questions and answers


The Social Development Fund is a non-profit organization created in the form of a corporate fund. The founder of the Fund is the autonomous organization of education Nazarbayev University.

The governing bodies of the Fund are:

  • Founder;
  • Board of Trustees;
  • Executive Board;
  • Auditor.

More detailed information is here.

СThe Talap Scholarship is aimed at the professional development of Kazakhstani researchers and teachers at Nazarbayev University. This scholarship allows young professionals of the University and its organizations to continue their Master's, Ph.D., and postdoctoral research programs. After completing their studies at the world's leading universities, all scholarship holders return to the Nazarbayev University community and apply their knowledge and skills, including replenishing the faculty ranks.

For students, the Grant of the Social Development Fund is similar to the state one. The Fund Grant is an educational grant, a targeted amount of money provided by the Fund to students to pay for tuition at Nazarbayev University at the appropriate education level or the preparatory department. Individuals recommended by the Admissions Committee for admission to the University can apply for the Fund Grant. The Commission awards the funding for scholarships, grants, and support programs for the entire study period under the relevant plan at the Fund's expense. Both citizens of Kazakhstan and international students could receive this Fund Grant.

The Fund is a kind of financial operator of the Student Fund, carrying out the receipt of funds and financing of student projects following the Budget Commission's decisions, which consists exclusively of the students themselves. The Fund also sponsors the Student Fund using its own and borrowed funds.