Social Projects



Development of an express device to detect breast cancer biomarkers through a patient’s saliva. 

Бала тілі

Assist in learning the Kazakh language through didactic materials in the Kazakh language for children up to 3 years old. 

It's okay

Increase sexuality education through workshops for parents and teenagers. 

KokMaisa 2.0

Pilot launch of a social recycling enterprise involving rural residents the villagers.

Helping to reduce the number of homeless animals by supporting existing shelters. 


Creation of installations for growing cattle fodder by hydroponics method. 

Autism Support

Supporting and improving the condition and well-being of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Kazakhstan through teaching parents evidence-based practices, principles and strategies for working with children with ASD. 

Case Key

Involve the student community in the development of a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. 

Healthy aging

Improving the well-being and quality of life of pensioners in the city of Nur-Sultan. 

Равные – разные

Creation of the Resource Center of Inclusive Education on the basis of secondary school No. 12 in Zhitikara, Kostanay region.