Social Projects



Ensuring equal access for the population to educational materials in the national language on preparation for the international English language proficiency tests.

Khan Academy Qazaq

Ensuring access for the population to free and qualitative additional educational resources in the national language, the content of which is based on the translation of materials from Khan Academy, a world-known educational platform.

Women in Engineering

The popularization of careers in engineering among young women and the promotion of women’s role in the field of engineering.


Promotion of waste treatment culture and usage of biological fertilizers.


Contribution to the development of inclusive society through the arrangement of art sessions for children with disabilities.

Hello Aul

The project provides for online English courses via the platform Course duration will be two months. It is also planned to involve up to 80 volunteers as teachers.


Provision of access for parents and guardians of children with disabilities to the relevant information and resources required for self-guided work with children of tender age (from 0 to 3 years).


Developing eco-habits of the population through the usage of cosmetic products on tap.

Mental Wellness

Contribution to the development of Nazarbayev University students’ mental health via emotional support and training of techniques in self-recovery.



In 2020, the Social Development Fund held a competition for grants for social projects among students, alumni and employees of the Nazarbayev University community.

The competition aims to promote the ideas and values of Nazarbayev University, to support civil initiatives for their advancement in society and citizens’ initiatives of the Nazarbayev University community.

Participants of the competition include students, alumni, a staff of Nazarbayev University and its organizations, as well as organizations established by them, initiatives groups of students, alumni and employees of NU, student clubs, schools, and Nazarbayev University’s legal entities.

Competition’s mandatory requirement is a social project’s compliance with one or several principles reflected in the Declaration of Nazarbayev University:

150 project proposals were received during the applications’ submission period and evaluated based on a point basis by 24 independent experts in education, health, environment, IT, vulnerable groups support, and finance against the agreed criteria.

Overall, nine projects received funding in a total amount of 31.2 million KZT. Their implementation is expected in 2020-2021.