Social entrepreneurship




Providing support in employment and socialization to persons with disabilities who seek to realize themselves and their potential, need communication and interaction with each other, want to acquire skills and develop, became a big idea for Anel Zhauylbaeva, a 2nd-year student of the School of Sciences and Humanities of Nazarbayev University.


Nargiza Kozhanova, a student of Nazarbayev University, together with the team defended the TILASHAR project, which helps children who speak the state language to correct their speech disorders and develop intellectual abilities.


OIKO team notes that their project gives caring mothers the right to choose between buying ordinary baby products on store shelves and natural, safe cosmetics made from plant ingredients. By the way, OIKO is a purely Kazakhstani brand, the production of all products is based on a domestic enterprise.


Thanks to the activities of the existing Kishkentai project high-quality children’s toys that promote the development of children appear on the market. The team is preparing to automate its processes and enter a wider market, continuing to employ people with disabilities.



Social entrepreneurship is an indicator of the development of society and the country.

Business in Kazakhstan is increasingly being introduced into the social sphere, considering it a real interest for its growth.

This means that with the adoption of the law on social entrepreneurship in January of this year, opportunities for businesses to implement ideas on a commercial basis have expanded. In addition to the direct solution of business issues, the initiators of social projects form a culture of abandonment of dependency, creating jobs for the poor, large families, orphans, people with disabilities, contributing to their self-realization and the development of effective inclusion.

That is why social entrepreneurship is in a special focus of the Social Development Fund, making up one of the main goals of its activities.  Below we present cases from the present. Among the initiators are those who started their experience from the student bench.