Student initiatives



The Social Development Fund encourages the student community’s social activity through various student initiatives, supporting various activities initiated by students.

Student-initiated events

Students of Nazarbayev University lead an active academic and social life. Continually developing a network of their contacts and studying international practices, students turn to the fund to support various initiatives, often having part of the necessary funding or preliminary arrangements with potential sponsors. Examples of such projects include projects at the Shell Eco International Marathon, a 24-hour republican-level hackathon – HackNU-2019, an international conference “The Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations” (HPAIR 2019 Asia Conference), and others.

To receive support from the Social Development Fund, a student needs to enlist Nazarbayev University’s support. The availability of potential sponsors or co-financing is an advantage.

Student fund

Nazarbayev University actively supports student self-government to unite students, develop their decision-making skills, and develop active citizenship.

Today, more than 100 student clubs operate within the walls of our university. More than 40 events are held annually at the students’ initiative through the Student Fund mechanism, which is part of student self-government.

The Social Development Fund is the financial administrator of the Student Fund, ensuring accounting and transparency of its activities.

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