Funding beneficiary

Almat Abilez

Target group

Shelters for animals.

Project budget

800 000 KZT

Project in Instagram

Project purpose

Helping to reduce the number of homeless animals by supporting existing shelters. 

Project description

Two years ago, Almat got a kitten from a shelter for homeless animals. Before that, he had no idea that the situation with respect to keeping animals in shelters is horrible, although they try to do everything possible to save the unfortunate animals. Volunteer initiatives cannot provide all housing standards and animals continue to cram 4-5 animals in tiny cages in shelters, and the shelters often do not have enaugh food due to lack of funding. The solution is one – they need caring owners. But what to do if the pages of shelters and offer sites are full of requests for help, and the number of homeless animals is not decreasing? And users are sometimes afraid to visit these sites to avoid endless problems. Almat decided to create a site where you can post stories about animals in terms of their lives, habits, characters. A kind of narrative album with professional photography, where you can find a friend in spirit, or make a permanent patronage of a pet, or support shelter relief efforts with donations. Almat believes that over time, the site may evolve into a broader format of communication, forums, suggestions, where the main goal – that more people learn about the situation of the animals, ready to make a step to help them. At least one step.

Expected results

Creation of a platform where announcements of available animals for foster care will be posted. All shelters will be able to enter complete data about their pets with their photos, characteristics and will update them from time to time. The service will connect potential owners with pets and increase the number of pets that will go to new homes. There will also be an additional convenient service for donations.