Autism Support



Funding beneficiary

Akbota Kanderzhanova

Target group

Children with an autism spectrum disorder; Parents of children with ASD.

Project budget

971 410 KZT

Project in Instagram

Project purpose

Supporting and improving the condition and well-being of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Kazakhstan through teaching parents evidence-based practices, principles and strategies for working with children with ASD.

Project description

Akbota Kanderzhanova is engaged in science, and it is very important for her to increase parents’ information literacy regarding the proper care of children with autism, based on the latest medical research and findings. She believes that parents’ knowledge and confidence will ensure a large part of the success of their children’s full lives. Because the earlier parents approach their relationship with their child from an advanced perspective, the better the outcome will be. That’s why her project is to provide informative lectures that are designed to give listeners more tools to improve situations where there is a concept of autism.

Expected results

Recommendations will be developed to improve the well-being of children with ASD in Kazakhstan and further support parent initiatives, community associations and researchers.