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The basics of volunteering. How to be volunteer and where to find the projects

On March 29, the Social Development Fund held a webinar on “Volunteering framework. How to become a volunteer and where to look for projects”.

Today, volunteer initiatives are an urgent topic for the community of Nazarbayev University. Volunteering among our students and graduates is crucial for social and economic development in society, helping to solve social problems within the framework of our projects. To raise awareness of volunteering, the Fund organized session with Tatyana Mironuk, CEO of “Single Platform of Volunteer.

During the webinar, Tatiana Mironuk shed a light on the main areas and principles of volunteering, the features of volunteer activity in Kazakhstan, on the current projects and organizations; and how to become a volunteer and create own project.

In the second part participants had the opportunity to get answers to the questions they were interested in.

We thank all the guests for their participation, and hope the information received will allow you to expand cooperation with volunteer organizations and attract new participants to ensure the sustainable development and prosperity for society.