Mental Wellness



Funding beneficiary

Ibadulla Assel, a 4th-year student at the School of Science and Humanities, Biological Sciences Program in partnership with NU Phycology Club

Project budget

1 050 000 KZT

Project purpose

Contribution to the development of Nazarbayev University students’ mental health via emotional support and training of techniques in self-recovery.

Target group

Expected results

Project description

The project goal is to develop and describe a model of emotional support for Nazarbayev University’s students being in a stressful or potentially stressful situation (high study loads, change of study mode in quarantine conditions, etc.).

The first project stage envisages the selection and training of two trainers among the students and alumni of Nazarbayev University. Preference will be based on interviews carried out by experts from the International Academy of Emotional Intelligence.

Online ToT (training of trainers) will last two months and include lectures and workshops (two times per week) and trainer’s skills practical training.

Following the completion of training, a second stage envisages up to two training to be carried by the trainers during the year among Nazarbayev University students, where at least 100 participants will be involved in emotional well-being enhancement. The program will comprise weekly training, daily morning meditation, discussion of emotional issues, management of emotions, sports activities, etc.

The program duration will be ten weeks.