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Online Tutoring – an opportunity for school students to improve their knowledge

Due to forced transition to distance learning many secondary school students have faced learning difficulties which affected their academic performance. NU Alumni has decided to launch the tutoring project in order to to maintain the level of knowledge of schoolchildren during of pandemic, as well as to enhance their academic and creative competence.

The initiative is implemented by the project office «E-Tutor», funded by the Social Development Fund. The team of the project office is engaged in the development along with realization of social education projects.
The tutors of this project hope not only to improve the knowledge of schoolchildren, but also to influence the competitiveness of young people in the global educational space.

Within the framework of the project, students in grades 5-11 of secondary schools and other secondary education organizations in our country receive free academic support. The training is conducted mainly in Kazakh.
The Tutors hold regular consultation sessions with the students, during which they help to fill the gaps in knowledge and to master new material in the subjects of the school curriculum Already in a couple of months of study, parents and students themselves give feedback on the significant positive dynamics in grades. This inspires the organizers to continue developing the project and thinking about scaling.

Currently, 51 students from 8 cities of Kazakhstan and 48 tutors are involved in the tutoring. However, the demand for learning support is much greater – more than 160 applications have already been received from students. This indicates that the project will be pleased to swell the ranks of the tutors.

Please fill in the form for consideration to join the team at: