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NU Students and Alumni received 13 million KZT under the JAS Social Impact 2022 program to solve social problems through business development

On September 20 of this year, presentations of applicants for grant projects on Start and Impulse Grants were held within the framework of the JAS Social Impact 2022 competition.

In total, 7 projects of social entrepreneurship of students and Alumni of Nazarbayev University passed the Pitching stage.

JAS Social Impact is a competition of social projects and social entrepreneurship projects among the community of Nazarbayev University, organized by the Social Development Fund.

Recall that the projects passed the JAS Camp program, where project team members were trained for 11 weeks on how to develop business and solve social problems.  Each project underwent a tracking session for 7 weeks on entrepreneurship, as well as 2 weeks of work with a mentor on social impact.

At stake were 3 million tenge for the finalists of the Start Grants competition (for those who have an MVP) and 5 million tenge for the finalists of the Impulse Grants competition (for the existing social business).

Finalists’ projects

Qazaq Galymdary project

The project is aimed at helping Kazakh-speaking youth to broaden their horizons and popularize the state language through videos on the YouTube platform. While working with the JAS Camp tracker, we tried to test various monetization models: create our own merch and launch a speaking club.

Eco sweets

A project for the production and sale of desserts and sweets for proper nutrition. The team came to the Jas Camp programme with a running business. During the programme, the team developed a new product, identified a new customer segment through customer research and increased sales

Fashion Freedom – Eco-project for clothes rental

A project that tries to solve 2 problems: pollution and social inequality through a clothing rental service. During the programme, team members tested a new range of products, launched the re-sale service, identified a new customer segment and made their first sales in a new way


Project to design and install electrical installations to wheelchairs for people with disabilities. During the programme, the team tested the product with users, identified weaknesses in the product, and held meetings with foundations and companies that could become customers.

UP&GO children’s development centre

It is a centre that provides qualified help for children with special needs. The project was incubated by Jas Ventures Almaty in spring and during the incubation worked on the products and business model, while the Jas Camp programme gave the team an opportunity to work on social impact issues.

Hustle Free

Hustle Free – is a platform for streamlining the business processes of sports tournaments, offering free entry to athletes with disabilities. The project was incubated by Jas Ventures Almaty in spring and during the incubation period tested various aspects of the business model. The Jas Camp programme gave the team the opportunity to work on the social impact of the project.


Kunde is an active social café that enables people with mental disabilities to socialise. During the JAS camp programme, the team changed their focus of development and were able to test a new direction for financial sustainability.  The team was able to test this source of income with a coffee shop on the university campus.

The projects were evaluated by experts:

Emin Askerov – He started his career at Nazarbayev University. Head of the Green Tal Social Workshops, adviser to the Minister of Labour and Social Protection on social entrepreneurship, chief promoter of social entrepreneurship in the country. A man with a burning heart and a bright head, a great friend of the Social Development Fund.

Zkayil Semembayev – certified scrum master and project manager (IPMA), accredited project management trainer, head of JAS Ventures Almaty. He was a real entrepreneur himself, has worked in corporations and is now involved in venture capital financing, taking Kazakhstani start-ups to the next level. 

Aigerim Zhangozina – Instructor in Entrepreneurship and Management at the NU Graduate School of Business. She taught at the University of Vietnam and was an entrepreneur, developing a fintech start-up on mobile payment and IT. She supervised a start-up incubator in Vietnam and supports social enterprise projects, including showing our students new opportunities to create social businesses.

Mukhtar Kuanyshbayuly – entrepreneur, Graduate of the NU Graduate School of Business. He has been involved in various businesses in the IT, restaurant and coffee business. He is currently the CEO of Connected Home, a start-up that has already installed 1,500 smart homes in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The Pitching Day was rounded off with an awards ceremony:

Start Grant – up to 3 million tenge – Bulan project
Impulse Grant – up to 5 million tenge – UP&GO Children’s Development Centre
Impulse Grant – up to 5 million tenge – Kunde

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