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The project «Khan Academy Qazaq», which received funding from the Fund as part of the #SDFGRANTS2020 social projects competition, is implemented under this motto.

The aim of the project is to ensure the provision of the population with access to free and high-quality additional education resources in Kazakh. The content of the developing resource is based on the translation of materials of the world-famous educational platform Khan Academy. The Khan Academy Library consists of expert-created lessons in mathematics, science, history, and other subjects. All resources for free to students and teachers. In addition, through this project, students of Nazarbayev University expect to affect on performance of schoolchildren at exams. According to available data, students who complete courses on Khan Academy pass exams 1.6 times better.

In May 2019, the project organizers signed a memorandum with Khan Academy on the translation and localization of the content of the platform into Kazakh. Then a club of the same name was established in the walls of Nazarbayev University. The YouTube-channel of the project is actively developing

Currently, 331 videos have been produced on mathematics and biology. Demo version of the full translated site is planned to launch under the funding. Subsequently, in order to start a full-fledged version of the domain «qazaq», the following topics need to be fully localized: Math+Chemistry+Biology+ Physics.

During the existence of the project, 125 students and teachers volunteering in translating and creating content in Kazakh. «Khan Academy Qazaq» welcomes new enthusiasts ready to contribute to the development of Kazakh education. You can join the volunteers by filling in the form at