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Yerlan Amanbek: Talap inflamed passion for scientific pursuits and growth

The employees of the Nazarbayev University and its organizations enjoy the opportunity to have an access to postgraduate education. Currently, over 60 people are the holders of Talap scholarship.

Over 8 years, the Fund finances this scholarship aimed at the development of the NU community human capacity.

One of such scholars is Yerlan Amanbek. Before postgraduate studies, he was holding a position of Teaching Assistant in the Department of Mathematics. In 2018, he earned a PhD in the University of Texas at Austin in Computational Science, Engineering and Mathematics. After his return from the USA, the scholar took an office of Postdoc, and two years later he became Assistant Professor at the School of Sciences and Humanities.

Talap holder recalls that he was the first student from Kazakhstan in his PhD research area at this university. That imposed even greater responsibility, as he represented the country. It motivated him to put up a good performance. In 2017, Yerlan received the Best Scientific Poster award at Texas Applied Mathematics and Engineering Symposium. The poster’s topic emphasized the importance of precise calculation of flow and transport in porous medium in the activities related to the oil tanks, CO2 storage and groundwater remediation.

Speaking of his professional journey, Yerlan points out the following: “Talap scholarship award helped to achieve progress in my scientific pursuits resulting in the presentation of PhD thesis. Currently, I apply and improve the knowledge gained abroad for the development of scientific projects and educational programs of the University”.

Nowadays, Yerlan works with the new generation of students who under his guidance dive deeply into mathematics and computational science and at the same time take prizes at prestigious competitions. For instance, in 2019 the Nazarbayev University students won 5 medals at the International Mathematical Competition (IMC) in Bulgaria, and in 2020 – 3 medals at similar competition that was held online.