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The long-awaited opening of the JAS Camp took placewithin the JAS Social Impact

On October 31, 2021, JAS Camp program was opened. It is the final stage of the JAS Social Impact contest organizing by the Nazarbayev University Social Development Fund to support the impact entrepreneurship among the NU community and graduates of NIS. 15 teams were selected for the Jas Camp based on the results of internal and external evaluation.

During the event, the Managing Director of the Fund Uteshova Anar gave the commencement speech and noted that the JAS Camp is a new page in the history of Nazarbayev University for its uniqueness and value. Also at the opening, the participants got acquainted with their future mentors – real entrepreneurs who will support each team for 6 weeks.

The first module was launched under the guidance of Zhanna Ibrayeva, who is one of the best experts in emotional intelligence and public speaking. The camp participants received various insights in the field of EQ, how and what to work on during a public speech, tracked their emotions on an emotional scale throughout the module. The camp participants shared that it helped them identify their strengths in communication and achieve an understanding of internal motivation.

In total, the program consist of 6 modules: personal development, design thinking, social impact, finance, management, marketing and sales. Thanks to each of the modules, participants will be able to strengthen their ideas for the implementation of projects in the field of inclusion, employment of socially vulnerable groups of the population, solving environmental and health issues and ensuring their sustainable development.

Thanks to JAS Camp, teams will have a great opportunity to pump themselves and their project ideas. The work will take place in various interesting formats, such as interactive discussions, trainings, teamwork and work with mentors, which guarantees intensive and fruitful work of all participants. The duration of the entire program is 6 weeks. Each week of the project includes a new module. According to the results of JAS Camp, all teams will hold a presentation of the project and the Fund’s management will select recipients of funding up to 5 million tenge for each project.