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The Fund organized training for #SDFGRANTS2020 grant recipients on mechanisms for promoting social projects

In December, the Fund organized online training for projects that received grants in 2020 for the implementation of social initiatives.

The goal was to train teams in modern mechanisms for promoting projects, as well as their products among target audiences.

In addition, within the framework of interaction, special attention is paid to the development of individual plans for the promotion of projects.

The training was conducted by Alina Khamatdinova, an expert-trainer for mass communications of the «APEX Consult» Company.

Based on the results of the online meeting, the project teams tested the knowledge gained in relation to their own projects. Beside this, they got feedback from the trainer.

New information and effective mass communication skills will help social innovators understand how to communicate better messages to their audiences. And also, how to tell the social mission they are pursuing through their projects.

The mechanisms of communication technologies presented at the seminar will make these projects even more accessible and understandable for both the beneficiaries and the society in general.

«Before training, we considered our own project only as a series of events. But, by receiving new knowledge, we revised its positioning. We realized the scalability of our project and the global goal – the development of inclusive creativity in Kazakhstan» , – shared her emotions the grantee Elmira Yusupova, a 2nd year student of The School Sciences and Humanities (SSH) of the «Sociology» program of Nazarbayev University («Ornek» project).

The Fund, when declaring in its programs to support the development of projects, always emphasizes that it is not only financing, but also operational and expert support. Interaction in this format allows projects to enter the trajectory of sustainable development and long-term prospects for existence.