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The chairman of the Alumni public association, Adil Kusmanov, met with the Minister of Education

On November 26, Askhat Aimagambetov, the Minister of Education and Science, met with the Nazarbayev University students and graduates.

As part of the conversation, Askhat Aimagambetov spoke about his political path, shared his successes and failures. Young people were concerned about such pressing issues as innovations of the Bolashak program, further development of UNT, the difficulties and opportunities of universities’ new status as non-profit joint-stock companies, and the prospects for online education, the funding of science, and many others.

The dialogue turned out to be constructive. Students and graduates were able to share their ideas and thoughts from the perspective of young professionals. The Minister openly listened to all the speakers and shared his plans for the future.

The event was initiated by the NGO “NU Alumni” and sponsored by the Social Development Fund.