Talap Scholarship


The purpose of the Talap Scholarship (hereinafter – the Scholarship) is to provide targeted training of highly qualified and competitive personnel through the assistance of the Corporate Fund Social Development Fund (hereinafter – the Fund) in organizing and financing training programs providing for obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree in full–time and modular training or passing research and professional internships.

Talap Scholarship


for Applicant for awarding Talap Scholarship for training under the Program, Professional Development Programor passing Internship abroad

Personal information


The full package of documents should be scanned in color format in one file in PDF format and must be provided in English and includes the following:

1. Application form (see attachment) and Applicant's resume;
2. Copies of documents confirming the Applicant's enrollment for academic studies at the university. The original documents are provided after the award of the Scholarship;
3. Individual study plan according to the Program (except for the first semester for first-time travelers);
4. A letter of recommendation certified by the supervising and (or) line manager of the structural division of the University or the University Organization;
5. Written consent of the Supervisor on the readiness of interaction with the Applicant for the PhD Program;
6. Written consent of the head of the University or the University Organization to send the Applicant to study under the Program;
7. A copy of the identity card and passport;
8. A copy of the official documents on the completion of the bachelor's/master's degree program in Kazakhstan or outside the Republic of Kazakhstan (diploma and transcript issued by a foreign higher education institution). A notarized copy is provided after the award of the Scholarship;
9. List of scientific publications or educational/methodological/scientific developments (if available);
10. The cost table of the Competition (see attachment) is filled in by the Applicant according to the Cost Rate to determine the size of the Scholarship by country (see attachment);
11. Other documents related to the Applicant's professional activity (at the request of the Applicant).

*Please check your e-mail on the regular basis