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Social Development Fund supports Alumni initiative to create NU Alumni

From the first year of graduation, Nazarbayev University graduates have been in close contact with their University. Thus, to expand the scope of activities, the idea of registering a legal entity appeared. On November 8, 2018, the public association “NU Alumni” was registered.

“Last year, our Foundation was pleased to assist graduates in creating their organization, which certainly gives them more independence and raises the status of their work. Today, our University plays a significant role in the country’s socio-economic and cultural development, and we want our graduates, maintaining constant contact with the University, to promote the values ​​of the University after its graduation. We see that NU Alumni will become a conductor between all graduates and the University and will contribute to the development of a culture of commitment to its alma mater,” says Anar Uteshova.

The public association’s mission is to unite graduates, support their initiatives, and promote graduates and the University community’s interaction in various areas. Today, the PA “NU Alumni” includes 17 founders, and in the future, the association will recruit members among recent graduates.

The main activities for the Public Association’s near future are to support graduate initiatives and the implementation of their projects. Work with students to build commitment to the University community, promoting Nazarbayev University initiatives, in particular.

The Social Development Fund wishes further organizational and professional development to the PA “NU Alumni”!