Hello Aul



Funding beneficiary

Public Association Alpha Academy Educational Center, Ziyabekov Bakhnur, the chairman of the Association, a graduate of Master’s Program at the Graduate School of Education (M.Sc., Education Leadership, Graduate School of Education Nazarbayev University)

Project budget

9 480 000 KZT grant of NU Social Development Fund + 2 400 000 KZT co-financing from own sources

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Project purpose

Target group

Expected results

Project description

The project provides for online English courses via the platform “helloaul.kz”. Course duration will be two months. It is also planned to involve up to 80 volunteers as teachers.

Educational materials for the course program will be developed together with the professors of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages, and advisors of Autonomous educational organization “‎Nazarbayev Intellectual schools”‎. Also, educational materials will be distributed via QR codes among the students.

Within the project implementation period, up to 1,000 school students from rural areas are expected to be involved; at least 40% of them will achieve a conversational English level. As part of the project, cooperation has been initiated with Turkestan, Zhambyl, and Almaty regions. Negotiations are in progress with the local executive bodies in Almaty and Shymkent.

Since 2016, Public Association Alpha Academy Educational Center has taught more than 15 languages (English, Kazakh, Russian, German, etc.) to approximately 10 thousand school students of senior level in rural areas of South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, and Almaty regions. More than 600 graduates of Public Association Alpha Academy Educational Center taught foreign languages in the summertime voluntarily. They carried out the activities offline. Fund’s financing will enable to test the online model leading to the extension of coverage in the future and reducing operational expenses.