Funding beneficiary

Alikhan Talipbayev

Target group

Farmers having difficulty providing feed for livestock.

Project budget

900 000 KZT

Project in Instagram

Project purpose

Creation of installations for growing cattle fodder by hydroponics method.

Project description

The severe drought situation in Kazakhstan in 2021 and the catastrophic shortage of fodder for cattle in the western regions of the country forced Alikhan to start working on the idea of an affordable hydroponics system for farms. He was already able to get acquainted with the method of growing green wheat on water and testing has shown that it is possible to apply an inexpensive system to make it affordable for any villager. Of course, hydroponic greens can not replace a full-fledged animal diet, but as a supplement or insurance in case of drought, crop failure, economic difficulties – it is really an acceptable way out. The main thing is to create an accessible helping hand that can be used immediately as the threat appears. And that’s what Alikhan is working on.

Expected results

The project is expected to finalize the prototype, to create the final industrial version, which will be provided to farmers who have difficulty providing feed for their livestock. With the project’s hydroponic plant, farmers will be able to provide their livestock with a sustainable way to obtain feed.