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Do Not Hurry To Throw Out Food Waste

Did you know that 8-10 thousand of earthworms are able to digest 2.5-3.5 kilograms of food waste in a week? Such hard digestive activity results in so called «worm tea» – liquid vermicompost (biohumus) used as a fertilizer in the greenhouses, gardens and vegetable plots and ensuring harvest increase by 30-35% in average. But how to feed worms and gain such a valuable product for the plants?

A solution to this issue will be vermicomposter, it is a piece of closed eco-system comprising compact device with several levels (trays) accommodating food waste of vegetable origin, soil, and, particularly, earthworms eating bio waste and producing fertile soil layer. The production of such vermicomposters in the amount of 150 items was launched as a part of the Fund’s program #SDFGRANTS2020. Primarily, the project was initiated in 2019 by the NU students who won the grant of Green Campus NU.

Anyone can learn how to use vermicomposter; currently, project participants work on the production of video-guided tutorials and device usage reviews. It will be possible to purchase the vermicomposter in specialized stores of the city marketing soil, fertilizers, seeds and other things for plant cultivation.