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Webinar “How did segregated waste collection paved the way for social entrepreneurship?”

Dear Friends,

We continue to raise your awareness on social entrepreneurship projects under SDF Impact Day. At this time we are going to focus on The Impact On Our Ecosystems.

The recycling rate for plastics collected by households in developed countries is about 50%. In Kazakhstan the rate for waste recycling is around 10%. Recycling is crucial for protecting ecosystem and wildlife.

How to contribute? How to fight back against pollution? What to begin with? Is there recycling in Kazakhstan?

Aliya Salmenova, ecoactivist, environmentalist, co-founder of the PF and co-founder of the Recycle Birge movement will answer to that questions on webinar “How intention to recycle lead to social entrepreneurship?”.

Date: April 29 (Thursday)
Time: 16.00 (Nur-Sultan time)
Language: Russian.
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