Funding beneficiary

Indira Kyilybayeva
Graduate of the Graduate School of Public Policy, NU

Target group

Kazakhstanis of different social groups aged between 18 and 60

Project budget

990 420 tenge

Project in Instagram

Project purpose

Through regular editions of the FomoDoma podcast, provide people in Kazakhstan with up-to-date and comprehensible information about personal finance and investments.

Project description

An unusual project, FomoDoma, was presented by Indira Kyilibayeva, a graduate of the Higher School of Public Policy. Through regular editions of the FomoDoma podcast, Indira and co-host Assel raise current topics on personal finance and investing with distinguished guests in these fields. The podcast will be useful to working-age people in Kazakhstan who are looking to escape credit or don’t know where to start investing in themselves and their future.

The project will purchase quality recording equipment. The podcast is available on all platforms.

The podcast can be accessed by clicking here: