Access to high quality education



Funding beneficiary

Arnur Kadylbekov Graduate of the NU School of Engineering and Digital Sciences

Target group

Pupils in grades 10, 11, 12

Project budget

960 000 tenge

Project in Instagram

Project purpose

Assist school children from vulnerable groups living in the regions and villages of the country to pursue higher education through preparation for the educational grant.

Project description

Access to high quality education. This is the goal of project leader Arnur Kadylbekov. He is a graduate of the NU School of Engineering and Digital Sciences. He wants to help disadvantaged school children in the regions and villages to pursue higher education. To achieve the goals, the project leader intends to train applicants for admission to universities and colleges on an educational grant. Accordingly, the target group will be 10th, 11th and 12th graders.

According to the project leader, 12 students from socially vulnerable groups living in the regions and villages of the country will have the opportunity to improve their average score and enter for an educational grant. Project budget: KZT 960,000.

First, an Olympiad is planned for the selection of project participants. Once the 12 participants have been selected, the first mock exams will be held among the participants to establish their initial level of preparedness for the exam. The training will take place online via the Erkinstudy website and mobile app. Preparation includes daily lessons, weekly mock exams and online tutoring for preparation.

The study programme includes over 70 online classes in each of the five exam subjects. Lessons will be open to participants’ accounts during the 7 months of training.
In addition, participants will be able to talk to teachers live and ask any questions they may have 5 times a week. In one week of each month, the children will be involved in paired work to reinforce what they have learned.