Funding beneficiary

Gyunel Rashidova 

Target group

Women 20 years and older. Women with many children in Astana. 

Project budget

944 246 KZT

Project in Instagram

Project purpose

Development of an express device to detect breast cancer biomarkers through a patient’s saliva. 

Project description

Did you know that many women discover that they have breast health problems in the late stages of disease development? This happens because examinations are quite time consuming, and not all women who are busy with household chores and work are willing to devote their time and effort to it-sometimes they postpone such a need until the last moment. Gyunel Rashidova believes that the creation of a biotester capable of detecting minute concentrations of cancer in a patient’s saliva will make it possible to address the disease in its earliest stages. Which will have an impact on the successful treatment and prevention of disease overgrowth. The technology is unique and, if successfully piloted, could facilitate diagnosis and conquer the medical market on an international scale. And Gyunel aims to create a breakthrough under the guidance of Associate Professor Daniele Tosi.

Expected results

The project will result in the development and testing of a handheld device to detect breast cancer proteins in users’ saliva.