Бала тілі



Funding beneficiary

Zere Khussainova 

Target group

Russian-speaking parents (including from low-income families), single mothers, mothers with many children. 

Project budget

535 000 KZT

Project in Instagram

Project purpose

Assist in learning the Kazakh language through didactic materials in the Kazakh language for children up to 3 years old.

Project description

It is very important how you see the world from the first frames and sounds, convinced Zere, and therefore she undertook the production of a brochure for small children “Менің алғашқы сөздерім”. She also plans to release a series of developmental cards on the principle of the best foreign analogues, where the skill and understanding of the designer is able to capture the attention of a child. And this, in turn, will be an effective tool for teaching kids the basic vocabulary and concepts of the world around them in the Kazakh language. It is especially important in terms of national identity issues, because Russian-speaking parents understand that their children need to identify themselves as bearers of national culture, first and foremost on a linguistic level. At the same time despite the fact that the relevance of learning Kazakh language is highly demanded in society, the original native materials are very insufficient. It is necessary to have a lot of them in different forms, styles, and presentations. Zere will definitely make something of this.

Expected results

Russian-speaking parents, including those from rural areas, will have access to Kazakh language learning materials for their children.