All children are beautiful, and especially with Oiko!



Funding beneficiary

Akerke Zhumabekova, Nazarbayev University graduate

Project budget

5 000 000 tenge

Project in Instagram

Project purpose

Target group

Children of the age 0-9 of Kazakhstan and parents.

Project description

The OIKO project, a purely Kazakhstani brand, focuses on creating eco-friendly household chemicals and safe cosmetics for children. The founder of the brand, Umit Kassymova, had the initial idea, and Akerke, a student at Nazarbayev University, joined forces to explore the market demand and preferences of buyers of household chemicals. Through their research, they discovered a high interest in children’s cosmetics, leading to the joint project of expanding the OIKO product line with safe products for children.

The project team has already selected the necessary equipment and is currently awaiting its production. They are also in the process of choosing packaging and creating the recipe for the new children’s products.

To launch the children’s product line, the team recognized the need for significant investments. As a result, they decided to participate in a grant competition from the NU Social Development Fund to seek support. The team acknowledges that their participation in the program provided them with valuable knowledge gained from training at JAS Camp, which yielded immediate results. Additionally, they gained confidence in their ability to launch the project.

During the training process, the team gained brand recognition, formed new partnerships, acquired customers, and implemented the knowledge they obtained. The impact of their participation exceeded their expectations.

Expected results