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Funding beneficiary

Adiya Sabit, Nazarbayev University graduate

Project budget

5 000 000 tenge

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Project purpose

The project aims to support the development and social integration of children with special needs through the provision of high-quality children’s toys.

Target group

Children with special needs and their parents.

Project description

The Kishkentai project has successfully introduced high-quality children’s toys that promote child development to the market. The team is in the process of automating their operations and expanding into a broader market while maintaining their commitment to employing individuals with disabilities. Adiya Sabit, a Nazarbayev University graduate, joined the team as a financier and facilitated the expansion of production opportunities through a grant from the Social Development Fund.

The project’s founder, Gulmira Parmysheva, who experienced the challenges of raising a child with special needs. Observing positive results in her own child’s speech development and communication skills through game simulators, Gulmira recognized the potential to help other children. This led to the birth of the social project Kishkentai.

The main goal of the project is to encourage parents to engage more actively with their children at home, thereby reinforcing the progress achieved through visits to speech therapists and other specialists. The project team strives to create a product line that encompasses everything necessary to support a child’s development from an early age until their first day of school. Their participation in the Grant Competition organized by the Social Development Fund played a significant role in achieving this objective. To date, Kishkentai has successfully assisted over 10,000 children with special needs in their speech development and overall growth.

Expected results