Talap Scholarship

Talap scholarship was introduced in 2012 to provide professional development for employees and teachers at the Nazarbayev University. This scholarship allows young specialists of the University and its organizations to continue their studies under the master's program, doctoral Ph.D., and postdoctoral studies. After undergoing training at leading world universities, all fellows return to the University community and apply the knowledge and skills acquired, including replenishing the faculty ranks.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

Employees of the University and its organizations with more than two years of experience who independently entered a foreign university under a program related to the priority activities of Nazarbayev University or its organizations.

What do we offer?

The fund provides an opportunity for employees of Nazarbayev University to receive postgraduate education with further training at the University and its organizations.

At a Glance:

Since 2012 - 2020, 61 employees received Talap scholarship.

Talap Scholarship alumni
Doctors of PHD (7 of them continue their education)
Master students (current students 1)
Current students of the program

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