Astana Business Campus

Astana Business Campus is an innovative cluster, a modern science park for collaboration between the business sector and the scientific community of Nazarbayev University.

It was created for high-tech businesses and research groups from universities, as part of a network of laboratories and research groups from the regions of Kazakhstan.

«Astana Business Campus» project is being implemented in accordance with step 63 of the Nation's Plan for the implementation of «100 concrete steps» and paragraph 3.2 a message from the President  «The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness».

Advantages of multifunctional platform «Astana Business Campus»:

  • first-class municipal infrastructure combined with appropriate services;
  • full-featured infrastructure for business research;
  • professional services «soft-landing» for companies and R&D centers;
  • tax benefits and preferences in the FEZ «Astana – Technopolis»;
  • placement of a cluster of artificial intelligence.

More information about «Astana Business Campus» can be found on the website

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