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NU Alumni held a meeting of graduates to celebrate the fifth graduation of Nazarbayev University

Over 200 graduates (2015 – 2019) gathered together at the graduate friendly picnic in Bal-Qaragai Resort. The purpose of the event was to strengthen networking between graduates of different years and the joint planning of the NU Alumni Association’s future. Having divided into groups, the participants developed a vision for further development of the association. They thought out ideas for projects that the association could carry out and assessed their willingness to participate in these initiatives.

“From the very first graduation of Nazarbayev University in 2015, graduates have been in touch with NU, which has become a starting point for us in our professional life and made a lot of friends. – notes Arman Konkobay, an Executive Director of the PA “NU Alumni”.

The event was the largest event of its kind organized by the association of graduates during its existence. The picnic participants were former students and representatives of the University – Vice President for Student Affairs and International Cooperation Kadisha Dairova, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Loretta O Donnelle, Director of the Career Center Evgenia Kim, Director of the Department of Student Affairs Askat Bekzhanov. Anar Uteshova, Managing Director of the Social Development Fund, who supported the initiative of graduates and allocated funding for the creation and development of NU Alumni, also made a welcoming address to the attendees.