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Darkhan Bilyalov: I Feel Like I Belong Here

Strong staff with advanced knowledge and teaching techniques, practical experience in research and ability of inflaming the passion for knowledge in young students is one of the main advantages of the Nazarbayev University.

Talap scholarship provided by the Fund helps in achieving this advantage. This scholarship allows employees of the University and its organizations to continue their studies under the master’s program, doctoral Ph.D., and postdoctoral studies.

According to scholars themselves, Talap does not only entail additional education abroad. So, the Director of Doctoral Programs, Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education (GSE), Darkhan Bilyalov, speaks of significant restructuring of cognitive process upon his return to home country. After working for 2.5 years in the University and holding office of the Director of the Department of Lifelong Learning in the GSE at that time, Darkhan graduated from the Pennsylvania State University (USA) in 2017. He earned his PhD in Higher Education program with cognate in Education Theory and Policy.

Earning a PhD enabled him to change the focus from administrative activity to the academic one. According to the scholar himself, “‎ceiling” in the current professional activity looming on the horizon served as motivation for learning. Still, Darkhan was always accompanied by the desire for growth and craving for teaching as more creative activity.

Darkhan Bilyalov described the opportunities available within Talap scholarship: “Today I have an opportunity to practice scientific research looking deep into a number of educational problems both at the system level and level of educational institutions and specific individuals. Teaching, as well supervising master and doctoral students, allows me not only to plunge into the subjects studied by the students, but also brings me real joy. I feel that I belong to the Nazarbayev University”.

Looking beyond on selection for the scholarship, Talap holder emphasizes its detailed elaboration and transparency: phasing, need for detailed elaboration of forthcoming study “design”, interview with profound questions on educational goals and plans for the future.

Thus, Darkhan Bilyalov became one of 15 Talap scholarship holders who already earned their PhD and now demonstrates to the students the importance of continuous scientific pursuits that change life story of not only the University, but also our society, for the better.