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Can engineering be a woman’s passion?

The circular saw, the car jammer, the microwave oven – all these invented by women. These illustrates successfully retention women in engineering.

However, according to UNESCO, the representation of women in engineering professions does not exceed 20%.

The project «Women in Engineering» intends to contribute to reverse this trend. The student club «NU Women in Engineering» get support from Social Development Fund by under the competition of social initiatives #SDFGRANTS2020. They conduct various events that highlight the STEM-related professions and the opportunities for girls to become involved in them.

At present, the project proponents have decided to act systemically by organizing educational courses for high school girls in the cities of Atyrau and Nur-Sultan. They teach young girls about engineering specialties taught at Nazarbayev University. Lectures are given on three topics: introduction to engineering, mechanical engineering and civil engineering.

Through the project, several dozen schoolgirls will learn what it is to be an engineer student, what duties and requirements are for engineers based on practical and theoretical knowledge. The courses consist of lectures ,number of tasks enabling the participants to test their abilities in practice.

The aim of the project is to help future graduates to determine their desired profession and to give an idea of engineering, as well as to increase the number of female students entering engineering professions both at the Nazarbayev University and other universities.It is planned that the model of the project will be replicated in other cities of Kazakhstan.