Speak with no fear!



Funding beneficiary

Nargiza Kozhanova, Nazarbayev University student

Project budget

5 000 000 tenge

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Project purpose

Target group

Children who speak Kazakh and experience speech disorders.

Project description

The TILASHAR project, led by Nargiza Kozhanova and her team, aims to address the issue of speech and hearing impairments among children in Kazakhstan. Nargiza was inspired to create the project after working in a kindergarten in Turkey and witnessing the challenges faced by children with speech difficulties. After researching the extent of the problem in Kazakhstan, she launched her own project and applied for a grant from the Social Development Fund.

Recognizing the importance of early intervention for speech development, Nargiza believes that addressing speech problems at an early stage is crucial for a child’s self-esteem and socialization in the future. The TILASHAR Center focuses on providing professional support to children who speak Kazakh, helping them gain confidence and prepare for school. The demand for such centers is increasing rapidly in the country, and Nargiza sees the use of flexible rates for social groups in need of financial support as a priority goal for her center.

The grant from the Social Development Fund has played a crucial role in making the TILASHAR project a reality. Nargiza and her team have acquired skills in social entrepreneurship, learned from experts, and received valuable support. Nargiza encourages aspiring entrepreneurs not to be afraid to take risks and emphasizes the importance of being open to new learning and connections. She believes that perseverance is key and that unexpected opportunities can arise when least expected.

Expected results