Young Researchers Alliance (YRA)

The Young Researchers Alliance (YRA) was founded in 2018 by several graduates of Nazarbayev University. Asiya Ermukhambetova, a graduate of the Talap program of the Nazarbayev University Social Development Fund and a postdoctoral student, is the leader and inspirer of YRA.

YRA goal
IThe goal is to create a favorable soil for our Republic's young talents' development and growth and establish contact between scientists of the faculty and students of Kazakhstan and foreign educational institutions for fruitful cooperation and assistance in science development.

Who is a YRA member
YRA participants are employees and graduates of universities in Kazakhstan and abroad with a master's degree or Ph.D. or their equivalent. YRA includes representatives from science fields: technology, engineering, humanities, medicine, social sciences, etc.

It unites young scientists from 12 Kazakhstani and 7 foreign universities.

260 members from STEM, humanitarian and social sciences.

YRA events in collaboration with the Social Development Fund in 2020

1,700 + people took part in events aimed at creating a collaboration of young scientists, academicians and specialists from industry.

16 Nazarbayev University students received grants for research under the FRIP (FosteringResearchandInnovationPotential) program. For young scientists, this served as an impetus to continue scientific research.

YRA representatives took part in the working groups of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also became members of the club of young experts under the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

IIYRA Forum: Science Time, stop infodemic.

Plans for the future

YRA continues to attract more talents and already established experts in science, both in Kazakhstan and abroad, to strengthen professional relations and support between YRA members.

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