NU Alumni

The Social Development Fund seeks to develop a sense of belonging, solidarity, and self-realization of Nazarbayev University students. Our graduates are friends who met within their native alma mater walls and continue to support each other even after graduation.

NU Alumni is a voluntary public association of Nazarbayev University graduates, opened in October 2018 to promote cultural, intellectual, creative, and social cooperation. The association members contribute to the popularization of the university in Kazakhstan, abroad and promote its interests.

Today, the Association includes more than 620 people.

During the cooperation between the Fund and the public association, more than 3.5 thousand alumni attended events aimed at developing networking, increasing competencies, and also strengthening relations between alumni and the University.

Members of the public association take an active citizenship, participating in the social and public life of the country.

In 2020, NU Alumni members took part in the #bizbirgemiz movement to contain the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, a number of representatives of the association are effectively working in the Academic Council of Nazarbayev University as observers.

NU Alumni Projects

With the support of the Fund, in 2020, members of «NU Alumni» implemented a number of projects and events. Among them:
• IdeaTHON – Contest of ideas to solve the problems caused by the COVID-19
• Disability Talks on disability and inclusion in society
• Winning the Minds – is a graduate mentoring program for disadvantaged children
• Mind games with the aim of developing networking between alumni and developing interest in various fields of science, creativity and art
• – social educational project to improve the competence of secondary school students in the main subjects of the school curriculum
• NUWayPodcast – Success stories of Nazarbayev University Alumni

How to join NU Alumni

Graduates of Nazarbayev University who recognize its charter and wish to contribute to implementing the main goals and objectives of the association can become members of the NU Alumni public association.

If you want to join, fill out the following online application

Our contact details:
Address: Nur-Sultan, 53 Kabanbay batyr ave., block 1, office 1166
phone: +7 771 455 38 35

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