Support program for students and students of pre-university training

The Social Development Fund is paying maximum attention to potential and current students of Nazarbayev University, for whom it has developed a Support Program.

With the support of the Fund, not only students from low-income families can focus on getting education, but talented young people also get the opportunity to take part in developing educational activities (olympiads, conferences, competitions, internships).

What is a support program?

The program is an initiative of the Social Development Fund, which consists of comprehensive assistance to applicants and Nazarbayev University students.

Our experience

With the Fund's patronage for the period from 2018-2020, 700 students were included in the Program and received free meal, as well as more than 20 students - the opportunity to receive medical treatment abroad, participate in Olympiads and internships.

In 2020, 159 Foundation students received free meals, and 1 student received treatment abroad.

Over 180 students from socially vulnerable families were provided with material assistance to pay for Internet connections for online education.

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