Grants and Stipends of the Fund

For Nazarbayev University candidates with high academic success but who have not received a state educational grant, the Fund provides its grants and scholarships.

In considering such students as future leaders, the Fund is guided by the conviction that this support is more than just an incentive to move forward; it is a challenge for the student to himself.

An educated society is the guarantor of the stable development and prosperity of our country. Together with Nazarbayev University, the leadership of the Social Development Fund, realizing the importance of the quality of education, has developed a program under which even more talented applicants can get knowledge at Nazarbayev University.

Who makes the decision on Grant or Stipendents?

Committee for awarding stipendents, grants, and  support program of the Social Development Fund on the recommendation of the Admissions Department of Nazarbayev University.

At a Glance

During 2018-2021 – 61 students (36 undergraduate students and 25 graduate students) received financial support from the Social Development Fund for training at Nazarbayev University.

In the academic year 2020-2021 – 5 undergraduate students and 17 graduate students.

What are the requirements for candidates

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