The Social Development Fund of Nazarbayev University provides charitу support to the students-volunteers of Astana Medical University

Since March 2020, 52 students of Astana Medical University have been providing voluntary assistance to the medical workers in the fight against COVID -19 pandemic at the multi-specialty city hospital No. 3, the airport, and the antituberculosis dispensary in Nur-Sultan. Future doctors constantly monitored temperatures, blood pressure, and patients' well-being. They delivered food to patients and helped to keep daily medical records. 

Students-volunteers of the Medical University involved in anti-epidemic measures do not belong to medical staff entitled to financial payments from the state. However, in practice, their duty might be considered as   "medium- risk" group.

At the request of Dainius Pavalkis, the Rector of Astana Medical University, the Social Development Fund decided to provide monthly charity support to students-volunteers involved in the fight against COVID-19 in Nur-Sultan. Students received payments in the terms and amounts established by the State Committee on Ensuring the State of Emergency under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the medium-risk group. 

"They work on their initiative day and night, seven days a week to preserve the health of our citizens. We are very grateful to the Social Development Fund for the encouragement of our students,"- Dinara Kozhakhmetova, the Head of the Press Center of Astana Medical University non-commercial JSC, said.
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