Fund documents
SDF Charter
The Nazarbayev University's Social Development Fund operates to develop Kazakhstani society in the educational, research, academic-technical, social, cultural, charitable, innovative, and other community service areas. For more detailed information please see the Charter here:
Talap scholarship
Established in 2012, the scholarship aims to provide professional development to Kazakhstani scientists and educators at Nazarbayev University. This scholarship allows young specialists of the University and its organizations to continue their studies on Master's, Doctoral, Ph.D. programs, and postdoctoral research.

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Program Report of Fund for 2020
The Social Development Fund is pleased to share with you the results of its work, as well as to tell you about a new vector that sets our activity - impact investing. In 2020, we not only continued the implementation of programs to create favorable conditions for ensuring a high-quality educational process, academic and scientific activities, the development of student self-government and public associations, but also launched a new direction of activity - supporting social entrepreneurship and social innovation.
Program Report of Fund for 2020 NUSDF.pdf
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